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Care and Maintenance
What should I expect from my new teak outdoor furniture?

When new teak wood furniture has a rich golden color. Over time it will age to a soft silvery patina. This process takes anywhere from nine to twenty four months, depending on the climate and seasonal exposure. The weathering process is faster in moist climates, but in the end it will all even out And the end result is furniture which like fine wine just gets better.
Teak wood contains natural oils which help prevent it from rotting or deteriorating even in wet climates. When the teak is new, these oils move to the surface of the wood and cause teak to turn gray and even black due to mold and mildew, which is feeding on the oil. Before placing cushions on your new teak furniture remove dust from manufacturing by wiping the furniture with a damp cloth. Some of the oil in new teak will bleed out following the first few rain falls. In order to protect your cushions bring them inside. Stains from teak are not covered under warranty. Once the teak has begun to grey, it will not bleed out oil and stain the cushions.

During the weathering process you may notice “checking” or small cracks that appear in the end grain of the wood, caused by slight expansion and contractraction of the surface. Checking is cosmetic will not impact the structural integrity of the furniture. Checking is not covered by warranty. As well, you may see some lifting of the grain, which again will disappear at the end of the weathering process. Sometimes you will even get water spots or other kinds of discoloration. This will always even out over time and with periodic cleaning, and your furniture will end up with a lovely soft silvery patina.

We do not recommend using teak oils or finishes. And will not warranty our furniture after these products are applied.

For more details about Teak care, please contact us, our team will guide you in detail.

Also, to protect your sling furniture, move sling chairs out from under teak tables for the first few rainfalls. This information also applies to fabric umbrella canopies used on teak umbrella frames. Again after the aging process has begun and the teak has begun to grey, it will no longer bleed out oil.

When should I clean my teak furniture?

Naturally all furniture left outdoors will suffer from pollen, insects, pollution and just the dirt in the air, So like any thing else your furniture will need to be cleaned . We recommend to start by hosing down the furniture with fresh water. Avoid a high-pressure hose, as this can erode the surface of the timber. Next, scrub the wet furniture using a soft bristle brush and a solution of 2/3 cup laundry detergent and 1/4 cup bleach in 1 gallon of warm water, then rinse the entire piece with more fresh water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. For a deeper cleaning we recommend using HiTeak Teak Cleaner. This is a simple safe cleaner formulated specifically for teak. This will remove the silver-gray patina and restore the furniture to a golden brown color.

Is there any way to protect my table from food stains?

HiTeak’s Teak Shield is a transparent safe product that creates a stain barrier and helps against stains from red wine, salad oil, and coffee to penetrate wood. Its best wipe away any spills with a damp cloth as soon as possible.. Teak Shield can be used on clean, naturally weathered wood. We recommend applying it two or more times per year depending on use and exposure.

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