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About HiTeak Furniture
Welcome to Hi Teak Furniture: Located in Yorba Linda CA we design and distribute premium solid hardwood furniture. We partner with US companies to meet their needs and build on their success.

Our furniture is produced in a wholly owned and operated production facility ensuring your competitive edge. We understand that in today’s ever changing market place, meeting consumer’s expectation requires constant innovation.

At Hi Teak, customer satisfaction is not just a goal. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is our way of life.

About Our Manufacturer
Our factory was established in 1993, and today has over 450 employees working in facilities over 400,000 sq meters which includes over 1 million US dollar inventory of raw logs, kilns for drying, milling, production, packing, warehouse and offices. Headquartered in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, 13 miles from Ho Chi Minh City.

With more than 20 years in the industry, we have produced goods for many of the world’s markets including Europe, North America, Japan and Korea. We specialize in designing, producing and exporting premium furniture made from responsibly harvested plantation grown teak and other hardwood solids, for both outdoor and indoor use. We offer a wide range of products for your market and your needs.

We guarantee that the exceptional quality of our furniture is the best in any market. For a closer look please visit our showrooms or look for us in many international furniture trade shows. See for yourself the look and feel of this high quality furniture and imagine the difference it can make to your life.

About Our Teak Wood
Teak has always been a prized building material and comes from the species known as “tectonis grandis”, native to the tropics. Used in residences of the rich and powerful as early as the 7th century, teak made its way to Europe by way of the Dutch traders who colonized Indonesia and were ultimately responsible for establishing the earliest teak plantations. Teak is an extremely dense tropical timber with unique properties. It has naturally high levels of oil and silica, locked right into the tight grain of the wood. When dried to a proper moisture level content, teak maintains its structural integrity, and resists deterioration caused by weather conditions or other enemies like mold and insects. All teak is not the same.

New teak has a natural honey golden color. Left untreated outdoors, exposed to sunlight air and moisture, the honey color will soften to a light grey and after several years to a silvery patina. Hi Teak timber has been carefully sourced globally only from plantation grown trees. We look for trees over 30 years old and cut our components from the heart of the tree.

Our teak is carefully kiln dried to less than 10%. This eliminates shrinkage that might affect the structural integrity of the furniture. Traditional joinery is used including dowels and mortise and tenon joints. All our hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Our furniture has been hand sanded on all sides and the fit is carefully checked before it is pack for shipping to your customers home.

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